Core Values


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At Blue Sky Communications, our Core Values are the foundation for how we choose to approach our business. These values are rooted in the vision of our founder who challenges us to be the best while maintaining exemplary business ethics and high standards of personal responsibility.

The words are simple: Accountability, Integrity, Safety, Teamwork, Customer Focus, and CaNI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement). However, the execution of our work in alignment with our core values is what ensures Blue Sky Communications is a company that continues to make a difference for our customers, employees, employees’ families, and the communities we serve.

As an organization, we account for our activities and accept responsibility for our actions and results. We are reliable and steadfast, punctual with our work, and hold each other in our organization to the highest level of expectations. We keep our promises and the commitments that we make!

We do the right thing for our employees and our clients. We are transparent and honest with ourselves, our clients, and our vendors. We conduct our business with the highest standards of behavior and ethics. We base decisions on doing the right thing.

We take personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves and the people around us. We educate our employees to recognize and correct potential hazards. We provide internal safety training above and beyond all governmental standards. We wear the proper safety gear and follow safety protocols and procedures. When safety is compromised, we speak up and stop work until the appropriate corrections are in place.

We commit to pursue our common company goals as a unified team. We have open and honest communication while showing concern and support for one another. We take pride in our work and our synergy as one unit. We rely on one another to do our jobs so that our team succeeds for our client. Blue Sky Communications is a family that cares about each other’s well-being and overall success.

We focus on our customer’s success and work to be the top-of-mind choice for them. We work to understand our customers’ needs and expectations and then develop and deliver a plan to meet those needs and expectations. We build long lasting partnerships with our customers and understand that they are one of the two cornerstones of our business. We go above and beyond in all instances to execute for our customers.

CaNI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement)
We measure, monitor, analyze, and improve productivity, processes, tasks and ourselves to execute at the highest level for our customers, employees, and stakeholders. On a constant and never ending basis, we work hard with enthusiasm and intellect to surpass all we have achieved.

Why Blue Sky Communications

Customers can look to Blue Sky Communications as a Technology Integrator offering leading
Capabilities, Solutions, Technologies and Services to bring solutions to customers quickly.

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Strategic Wireless Solutions

With our support and technical expertise, we can provide assistance for both simple inquiries and advanced technology issues. By leveraging our team of certified experts, you can expect to improve end-to-end responsiveness, drive workplace productivity and maximize your technology investments.