End to End Services

Nearly 80% of all wireless calls either originate from or terminate inside buildings. With millions of wireless devices in operation across the country, it is imperative that buildings are  equipped with wireless services. Blue Sky Communications has the team to help you deploy an in-building solution that will be effective in optimizing communication within your site.

Blue Sky Communications offers complete solutions for your enterprise, B2B, campus, education or small-to-large business wireless needs. We offer end-to-end solutions for complete customer satisfaction and can provide step-by-step assistance from engineering, survey, project management, and more.


  • Step - 1

    Initial consultation to review facilities and infrastructure as well as discuss
    solution alternatives based on frequency requirements

  • Step - 2

    Site survey to test signal strength and quality for radio and cell

  • Step - 3

    System design that includes detailed bill of materials for contractor

  • Step - 4

    Carrier coordination (for cell) to get Rebroadcast Agreement(s)

  • Step - 5

    System commissioning to secure signal source from carriers and optimize

  • Step - 6

    System acceptance inspection of final work to ensure that it meets design spec

  • Microwave
  • In-Building
  • PTP & PTMP

Why Blue Sky Communications

Customers can look to Blue Sky Communications as a Technology Integrator offering leading
Capabilities, Solutions, Technologies and Services to bring solutions to customers quickly.