Decommissioning Done Right

In a constantly changing industry, carriers must make the seamless migration from legacy to next-generation technologies on a regular basis. Our decommissioning teams successfully remove end-of-life components without disrupting subscribers, while safeguarding the environment. This way, our client can focus on generating revenue and customer satisfaction.

At Blue Sky Communications, we understand the urgency of removing outdated network technology and components. Maintaining older technology wastes valuable space and results in inflated operating expenses while overlooking the residual value of still-serviceable equipment. However, the decommissioning of older equipment presents a risk for the operation of newer technologies.

When executed improperly, decommissioning can jeopardize the function of newer technologies and cause unintentional outages. Blue Sky Communications has decommissioned thousands of sites and used this experience to develop procedures that ensure the utmost care and diligence when decommissioning outdated equipment. Our focus is on minimizing risk, and we take great care to safeguard the integrity and continuity of all customer networks.

At Blue Sky Communications, we maximize the value of decommissioned equipment, minimize network disruptions, and ensure the removal of sensitive data before equipment disposition. We offer turn-key decommissioning services on towers, generators, fencing, and other infrastructure for one site or an entire network.

  • Legacy Equipment Removal
  • Proven Risk Management Process and Procedures
  • Turn Key Recycling Program
  • Project Management

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